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Monday, April 23, 2012

Globe Quilt~A Generational Experience

I've only been sewing about a year, so I'm really not that good yet.  This quilt, however was a lot of fun to make and not too difficult for me.  It also has a story.

When I was a young girl, my grandmother, Dorsey, made me a denim shirt and embroidered flowers, birds and strawberries on it...exquisite work. My grandmother was an amazing woman and so talented in so many different areas.  She was an expert seamstress as well as very talented at hand embroidery.  She could garden and cook....really she could do anything she put her mind to.

When I still lived at home with my parents, I remember cleaning out my closet and coming across the 'fancyshirt' Dorsey had lovingly made for me.  Because I was young, I was going to to give it away.  My mother, another wise woman, took it and put it away in her closet.  Many, many years later, I came across it on a visit to my parent's house.  I asked my mom if she would mind if I took it back.  You see, I had just started sewing and when I saw the blouse I formulated a plan.  I saw a keepsake that I could share with the rest of Dorsey's grandchildren.

My grandmother had seven grandchildren and five of us have children.  Although my grandmother, Dorsey,  lived long enough to meet only one of her great-grandchildren, I want all of them to have a part of her, as well as pass down her love of sewing through me and my work.

My sweet cousin, Crockett is 9 years old and this week he lost his daddy.  It really breaks my heart.  It also makes me realize that if I really want to embark on this journey of leaving a part of Dorsey with the next generation, I need to start now.  Also, when I get bad news, I like to DO I started sewing.  Here is my journey.

I started with Dorsey's shirt, a world map fabric panel, some boy-themed 'I-Spy' squares, flannel fabric for the quilt back, fabric for the binding.  Supplies used are as pictured.

After I added a flag and I-Spy boarder, I cut some batting and the blue flannel fabric a bit larger than the quilt top.  I then made the 'quilt sandwich' and held it in place using about 20 safety pins.

After I quilted the top following the latitude and longitude lines, I trimmed the quilt (no picture...sorry) and sewed on the binding.  That's me and my 'Hello Kitty' 3/4 size sewing machine.  Having a simple, no frills machine really makes sewing much easier and enjoyable.

So now the fancyshirt has a new life as part of a quilt!  Crockett gets a small strawberry embroidered by Dorsey on a quilt made by his Cousin Marti.  It's a family quilt made by two different generations.

Here's the finished project, ready to be boxed up and sent to my sweet cousin!
Hope you enjoyed the journey and look for more of these 'Cousin Quilts' in the future!

Marti in San Diego


  1. I love this quilt! My daughter's room has a "world" theme and this would go perfectly in there! I may need to make one too....
    Found you at Skip to my Lou
    Hope you stop by and say hi!
    -Mackenzie @