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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cooper's I-Spy Quilt~Blogger's Quilt Festival

Cooper's I-Spy Quilt!

 This is the second I-Spy quilt I have made using Carolyn from Obsessively Stitching's tutorial on an I-SPY Disappearing 9 patch quilt.  I used the quilt as you go method and I have to say it was exceptionally easy!

Cooper is my sweet nephew who turned 2 this summer.  I had been meaning to make this quilt for him for quite some time, so his birthday simply hastened the process. Actually I was in a bit too much of a hurry, and forgot to attach the boarder on one side...oops.  You really can't tell unless you look for it.

9 Patch cut into 4 patches

I started by making the 9 patch with the setting square in the center and I-Spy squares on the corners.  I then cut the 9 patch into 4 equal pieces and attached the squares into rows.  Next the rows were attached to the flannel backing and quilt center in the quilt as you go method.

My sweet Hello Kitty Sewing machine in the background!
 I finished by doing a self binding, folding the flannel backing over.  It is a bit thicker than I like, but still did the trick!

Looks great on Max's bed!
Max making his first pillow!

Max wanted to get in on the action, but most of my sewing was already done.  We sewed a quick pillow and I gave him "credit" for helping with Cooper's Quilt!

All folded up and ready for the birthday boy!

This is the second in my series of Cousin Quilts.  When I was a young girl, my grandmother, Dorsey, made me a denim shirt and embroidered flowers, birds and strawberries on it...exquisite work. My grandmother was an amazing woman and so talented in so many different areas.  She was an expert seamstress as well as very talented at hand embroidery.  She could garden and cook....really she could do anything she put her mind to.

When I still lived at home with my parents, I remember cleaning out my closet and coming across the 'fancyshirt' Dorsey had lovingly made for me.  Because I was young, I was going to to give it away.  My mother, another wise woman, took it and put it away in her closet.  Many, many years later, I came across it on a visit to my parent's house.  I asked my mom if she would mind if I took it back.  You see, I had just started sewing and when I saw the blouse I formulated a plan.  I saw a keepsake that I could share with the rest of Dorsey's grandchildren.

My grandmother had seven grandchildren and five of us have children.  Although my grandmother, Dorsey,  lived long enough to meet only one of her great-grandchildren, I want all of them to have a part of her, as well as pass down her love of sewing through me and my work.  Cooper's Quilt has the white embroidered birds from the fancyshirt...and a part of Dorsey.
Happy Birthday, Cooper!!

Amy's Creative Side
Quilt Festival

Blogger’s Quilt Festival Stats
Finished quilt measures : 44" x 60"
Special techniques used : quilt as you go, disappearing 9 patch, I-Spy
Quilted by:  Me...on a 3/4 size Hello Kitty Sewing machine!
Best Category : Baby Quilt, Scrap Quilt, Throw Quilt


  1. My nephew Cooper turns two this winter. It's fun to spoil them with quilts, isn't it? :-)

    Great quilt!

    1. Thanks...Coopers are the best, aren't they!

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