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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Endings Lead to New Beginnings....

We've been doing a lot of reflecting the past few weeks.  This is a time of endings and new beginnings.  I harvested the last of our carrots from the garden in San Diego...and bought seed potatoes for our new garden in Fairmont.

Max & Larry giving Carolyn & Greg the last rent check  
We got keys to our new place...Max does the honors!

We've been very happy in San Diego for the past 8 years, so it's really bitter sweet.  Our new place holds so much promise, that it makes our eminent departure a bit easier.

Yesterday Larry took Max's play structure apart and is taking it to the new house.  I think the more familiar things that Max has at our new house, the easier the transition will be for him.  The act of removing the structure has actually made things more real for some reason.

Max making a rainbow
I am so used to looking out the window and seeing only the trampoline (far left outside the picture) is there.  Soon that too will come down and make its way to our new place.

The act of moving is overwhelming and exciting and cathartic.  I have been posting things in the FREE section of craigslist almost daily.  I love the win-win of getting rid of our excess stuff to someone that is genuinely thrilled to have it!  So far we have given away: a tent, outdoor furniture, wicker furniture, books, shipping pallets, a pallet of bricks, a gazebo, a weight bench with weights, gardening items, a weed whacker, and hundreds of shipping far! 

We have had Am-Vets come to the house 5 times already and have given away so many clothes, dishes, books and toys!  The act of getting rid of things makes you feel lighter of heart. The other side of this is that we still have soooooo much stuff. 

So we're walking the thin line of excitement over our new place...making improvements and such...with the act of assessing, weeding out and boxing up our belongings for the move.

Stay tuned.....

Marti in San Diego

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