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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thanking Teachers for a Great Year

Max has had a great first year of Elementary school.  It's hard to believe he only has one more day as a Kindergartner!  I face the end of the year with bittersweet feelings.  Max has grown and learned so much thanks to a devoted team at Cabrillo.

 I've made some adaptations to some crafts I've seen in the blogosphere (sorry I can't find the exact posts to give credit) and made some things for Max's classroom teacher, Mr. C and his caseworker and resource teacher, whom he refers to as "Miss Kitty."  Her name is actually Kaity.

I was going to do this with a regular can, but I purchased the crayons at the 99 cent store and they are about 3/4  the size of a regular crayon, so I did these little tins instead.

These are sooooo easy!  Here's all you need to make them:  some sort of container (I used this coffee tin, but a disposable plastic would work too),  crayons and a glue gun.  I got this glue gun at the 99 Cent Store.

This is super easy.  Put a dot of glue on each end of the crayon and attach to the tin.  Continue around until you 've covered it in these cute little crayons.

So here you have it...a cute and inexpensive teacher gift!
I wasn't sure how to finish these a ribbon or some other decoration? 


Then I remembered something else I'd seen.  I glued some broken crayons in the shape of the letter...a K for "Miss Kitty"and a C for Mr.C.  I had some frames from the 99 Cent Store and put them in the frames without the glass.  Now I have 2 special Thank You gifts for two people who have done so much for Max this year.  There is really no way I can express my gratitude, but this is a start.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorialand feel free to ask questions and make comments!


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  1. That's a great teacher's gift! Thanks for linking this to Wicked Awesome Wednesday.