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Monday, June 27, 2011

Midnight Excitement!

So we're thrilled to be in Burbank, CA for our third year of the Jensen~Schmidt Tennis Camp!  We arrived here late afternoon and went right to the pool for a little fun and relaxation.  After dinner went made our annual pilgrimage from the Marriott to Target to stock up on necessities, like Apple Juice and  Reese's Pieces.  We're all settled into our perfect room for our three day stay....or so we thought!

Here is our sweet Max the first year of Tennis Camp in 2009!

And here his is in 2010...he loves Tennis Camp!

Now back to the story....I just don't like a blog post without pictures!   So after we brought all of our stuff (including a case of water!)  in, put cold items in the mini-fridge, got Max to sleep and settled in with our mindless TV watching and internet surfing, we were surprised by a loud pop, sparks came off my laptop power cord and then all was dark.  We blew the fuse in our hotel room! 

Because it was almost midnight, the guy who knows how to reset the breaker had gone home for the night....we would have to move rooms.  Really?  Yes, really.  They would send a guy with a flashlight to help us pack up our pitch black hotel room and move all of our crap and our sleeping child to another room.

Here's the morale fo the story....if you are inconvenienced or given less than you feel you purchased....ask for compensation!  I asked for our room to be comped, but the night guy couldn't do that.  But what he could do is give us 50% off.  Fair enough.  And he threw in free breakfast vouchers!   Yippee....all you can eat bacon for Max!

And the best part....Max slept through all of this.  He went to sleep in one room and will wake up in another.  Good thing all hotel rooms look pretty much the!

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