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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Summer Milestone--Max's First San Diego Padre Game

Max was the biggest fundraiser (thanks family!) for his school's Jog-a thon and thus awarded free tickets to a San Diego Padre Game.  Every year we talk about taking Max to a game,and now here's the perfect opportunity! 

Max really liked the atmosphere of the game. He loves clapping and the music and was overall thrilled to be there!  As the vendors were walking the aisles, Max saw the cotton candy and remarked that they had "pillows"!  Am I a terrible parent that my kid doesn't even know what cotton candy is? 

As an added bonus, it was Garden Gnome Night, so we are now the proud owners of several San Diego Padres Garden Gnomes!

As you can see,our seats were pretty good, but still too far away for Max to pay attention to the action on the field.  One of the Padre players was hit by a pitch, so of course the crowd BOOOOed!  This upset Max....he didn't like it and told me that it hurt his feelings.  Poor kid!

After we had a chance to take it all in and have a bite to eat (Max was thrilled....They even had pizza!) we decided to head for home.  The trolley was a lot less crowded n the way back.

This year was filled with milestones and firsts for Max....and the baseball game was definitely a highlight!



  1. I love this post! Looks like he had SO much fun, what a sweetie!

  2. Congrats to Max for winning the tickets! What a great experience!