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Friday, September 2, 2011

Special Surfers Day at The Beach-La Jolla, CA

Every year the WindanSea Surf Club puts on an amazing event--The Special Surfers Day at the Beach.  This year we took Max and we're so glad we was an amazing experience!  Although it was our first year, we were greeted as old friends.  It is a very laid back atmosphere...what else would you expect from San Diego surfers..haha!
Max was so excited that he charged right into the water!  I went in (yes, fully clothed!) with him because he was on a mission.  Some experts soon took over.  They got Max on a board right away to get him acclimated to surfing.

Max's first ride...and he's off!

Wow...I'm doing it! 

Hold on!

Wipe out!

That was sooooo fun!

We tried to get a picture of Max and Tori surfing together.  This was as close as we could get.  The Williamsons were one of the first families we met when we moved to San Diego.  It's been a treat to see Tori grow over the years...and she's a natural on the surfboard!  That's mom Rachel with Tori and a nice volunteer with Max.

Another great volunteer took up with Max.  Max is always finding the good lookin' ladies to help him out!  He decided that he much preferred riding the waves while sitting indian that's how he rolled for the rest of the day!

Mommy finally went and put on her suit so we could catch a few rides together!

Overall, we had a fantastic day!  Thank you so much to the folks at the Windansea Surf club!


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