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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Scholastic Book Fair are hilarious.  They just crack me up.  This week I'm helping at the Scholastic Book Fair at Max's school.  Basically, this means that I answer questions, calculate tax and help kids write down the titles of books they want to come back and purchase later in the week.

We received 10 copies of a biography on Justin Bieber.  It's less than 50 pages, has photos on every other page and costs $3.99 + tax. 

This was the best selling book on the first day of the book fair.  We sold 7 copies!  What was even more hilarious was that I helped no less than 20 kids write down the title and price.  Our librarian had to call scholastic and order additional copies...I hope they arrive in time!

Today was day two.  I was fully expecting to sell out of the Justin Bieber book...we only sold one copy.  I found out something interesting.  Max's school is grades K-4.  Yesterday  was mostly the younger kids and we had full Bieber fever!  Today the older kids came to the book fair.  The class of 4th graders actually boo-ed when we told them we had several copies of the Justin Bieber book left.   So, I learned that grades K-3...Justin Bieber is way cool.  Once kids reach 4th grade....Justin Bieber is not cool at all.

What warmed my heart was to see the true love of reading and books.  The kids without money immediately sat down and started reading!  Yes, there were a few kids that just wanted to buy pens, erasers and the mini-pizza-kit.  For the most part, they wanted books. 

The really young kids have no concept of how much things cost...or tax.  Several kids had less than $5, yet kept trying to purchase books costing $9.99.  Sadly, they had to be turned away, yet they'd return with another book, costing as much or more.  A Kindergartner (and friend of Max) walked in the door and immediately muttered, "I never have any money."  Hopefully they can return and purchase the book they really want.

Today, the best selling book was, "Aliens Love Underpants."  There was also a lot of activity around the Star Wars and Lego themed books.  I can't wait to see what is our hot seller tomorrow!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about the ridiculousness of the Scholastic Book Fair at Max's school.

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