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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Little Bunnies

I wanted to try my hand at sewing something for Easter, for Max and for gifts.  I did a quick internet search and come across Twig & Thistle's Poppy the Easter Bunny.  These looked easy enough, so I gave it a go.  Wow, were they easy and addicting!  So far I've made 10 of them!

This first batch went off in the mail to my nephew, Cooper.  Baby Cooper is 9 months old, so I had to make sure there was nothing that could be harmful.  These are made of a cozy flannel.

So let's get started.  I used this pattern from Twig & Thistle as a jumping off point:  BUNNY

The pattern had 2 bunnies and indicated cutting out a front and a back.  I folded my fabric and placed one  template on the fold.  This way my cutting didn't have to be as accurate and I had a little less sewing to to.

The more of these I made, the more adaptations I made to the pattern.  I made the tails a bit more prominent.  I also added a sewn eye and whiskers to my bunnies.

I made blue boy bunnies and pink girl bunnies.  I used the same template to make a pair of bunnies...a bigger bunny and a smaller bunny. 

So art imitates life.  These fabric bunnies were multiplying, like....well rabbits!  My next batch of bunnies will be made of fabric scraps sewn together in strips. 

I hope you enjoyed this....feel free to ask any questions you might have.  Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate the Holiday!


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  1. Marti,

    These are adorable. Keepsakes in the making!

    Happy Easter to you and the West Coast gang.

  2. Adorable! I love that you keep making them--a sign of a great project! I'm filing this away for next year-thanks!